We Are PinkFusion

PinkFusion is Leslie Mauldin and Sean Rogers, both of whom have established solo careers, and are now happily joined as PinkFusion – a duo that combines the dynamic musicianship of Sean Rogers (piano/vocals) and Leslie Mauldin (lead vocals, guitar, songwriter) performing jazz and blues standards with their own original arrangements, original pop, folk, & blues, as well as throwing in a bit of classical fare, both traditionally presented, or as reimagined through the lens of jazz. 

PinkFusion invites you to join them for New Year's Eve vlog!

PinkFusion takes your audiences on a genre bending musical journey that could best be described as an edgy speak easy experience on steroids with some comedy thrown in just for fun.

Their first live performance as a duo at the Nampa Civic Center (just before Covid shut down performance venues) received 3 standing ovations, and PinkFusion was born. Now that Covid has allowed us all to get back to live performance, let your audiences experience the journey that is PinkFusion!