PinkFusion Thursday Vlog!

When Covid shut down performances worldwide, PinkFusion improvised as all jazz musicians will, and went digital with a weekly fb live broadcast that included a newly arranged or original song every week! The vlog rule was to go live, then post immediately afterwards without watching – this kept them working in as close to a “live” performance situation as possible during Covid. No cheating! Most importantly to them however was to continue to reach out to their audiences during a tough time when folks just needed some relief and joy. Along the way, they had a lot of laughs, some tears, and ended up with over 100 new arrangements and songs to add now to their live show!

They had so much fun doing the vlog that they have decided to continue, even now that we are getting back to live entertainment. PinkFusion is now a hybrid act!

Here are some of the most recent vlogs, and scroll down for some fun highlights and bloopers. Check back weekly for the latest vlog here, watch it live on Sean Roger’s fb page, find it afterwards on Leslie Mauldin’s fb page, or even better, like our PinkFusion fb page at the link below and see it there!

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Christmas Movie Blues! a Leslie Mauldin original with Sean Roger's piano stylings!

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